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Sign In 3/28/2017 10:45:16 AM PT
Invitation to Try a New

We are in the process of building the next generation of our platform. We are striving to make a premier e-commerce venue for you. To that end we would appreciate any time you could give to visiting and provide your feedback to us.

A couple things to know:

  • It’s not finished. There is still plenty of time for you to provide a voice regarding its development and future.
  • During this limited beta preview, there are some features we have turned off, just for the sake of being able to focus our resources in a more efficient manner over the next few weeks. For example, registering, is not currently enabled. Initially we are asking for your feedback regarding the overall sense of the new design. We will be taking your feedback to our development teams for discussion and prioritization.
  • Beta sites often come offline. We will obviously try to limit this as much as we can, but things sometimes happen with beta websites. Please do not let this affect your usage of Throughout this process if something isn’t working, please use the original site at
  • This is real data. Because we have two designs now in production, you may see some inconsistencies in how items look on the old site versus the new site. As we get closer to launching the product descriptions will start to look more uniform.
  • Because we are making frequent changes to the site, it may be prudent to clear your browser cache after new releases.

What's new (* latest release):

  • *Advanced Search Form
  • *Search tools on mobile views
  • *Watch list sorting
  • *Show pickup status on item listing
  • *Clarify time remaining
  • *Add 1 cent shipping and international filter to search page
  • Classic List View - A result style similar to the current site.
  • Font adjustments - This will be an ongoing event until we are satisfied we have met your expectations
  • Wider Search Results - With the grid view now being default.
  • View Selection Persists - We now keep track of your last requested view style.
  • Removed "View" Box - Overlay on item image has been removed.
  • Complete Bid History - Added option to see complete bid history.
  • Lightbox - Added a lightbox for the images on item detail page. Click on the large image to activate, click on the image advances. Left and right arrow keys can be used to navigate.
  • Longer Titles - We no longer truncate the titles.
  • Click Area - Larger click area on item listings.
  • Listings Link Moved Main Bar
  • Feedback Form - Integrated page for providing feedback. Look for it in the top menu. This should allow you to provide specific feedback on each page.

Features Currently Disabled:

  • Open Orders Page - This includes payment pages
  • New Registrations
  • Buy Now Option - Due to it's connection to the payment process

Coming Soon:

  • Check back soon for an update

What we're hearing:

  • Change font size/contrast (this is an ongoing task)

Known Issues:

  • Performance - We are gathering performance metrics and will be addressing issues regarding performance as we gather the data. Specific pages will be reported here for your information.
  • Design Inconsistency - The item detail information will look drastically different between the old site and the beta. This is a known issue and will lessen over time.
  • Mobile Responsive Design - We will soon be re-focusing on the experience in mobile to provide a more effective user interface

Last Update: 12:00pm 3/9/2017

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